Over 17 million people have done The Alpha Course worldwide.

The Alpha Course explores the meaning of life.  

Who is Jesus? Why did He die? So what about the Church?

Here at Launceston Community Church we run Alpha on a regular basis. 


A seven session course, with an informative talk and a meal set for a table for two.

There will never be a group discussion or asked to share anything about your relationship.


Regular check ups help a car run smoothly and avoid break downs.

The greatest achievements in life take practice, training and dedication

It's the same with marriage. A strong, loving, life long marriage doesn't happen by chance

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Freedom in Christ

A course to help you know the truth.

- Live out your new identity in Christ

- Break through to spiritual maturity

- Uncover strongholds and deception

- Resolve personal and spiritual       conflicts

- Break the hold of the past.

In short the course will help you move to spiritual maturity. 

Water Baptism

At Launceston Community Church. we baptise people who have made their own personal decision to make Jesus the Lord of their life.

Jesus said that we should 'believe AND be baptised' as he was. Baptism is an outward expression of everything that Jesus has done on the inside. 

Our Baptism services are full of guests, friends and family members seeing first-hand the difference that Jesus makes to people's lives.